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2015 trends for logo and brand design

Some trends for logo and brand design may seem diametrically opposed but one must keep in mind that there are many different avenues of design and many different audiences, not all of which respond the same way to the same type of images. Having said that there seem to be a few overarching trends that will be more prominent in 2015.

As more users migrate towards phones as the medium to consume data, designs will become simpler, more bold and contrasted. Logos will be predominantly typography based, flat and seemingly simple. I say seemingly because one of the most difficult things you can do with a logo is have it be visually simple, yet convey meaning. Expect to see a lot of letter stacking, handmade type mono crests, flat faceting and wiring.

At the same time, in some industries the rise of texture in solid colors as well as crests will be notable. A return to images and fonts reminiscent of the past is making waves and will continue to do so this year as many companies continue to adopt the hipster aesthetic of past/present. Even in this type of design, flat colors and visual simplicity will tend to dominate.

Here are some examples of logos that reflect the design trends you will be seeing more often in 2015.

logo trends