Digital Marketing

How to optimize a directory listing

The more the merrier

Simply put, the more places you are found the more important the Internet thinks you are.  It is important to have multiple strategic directory listings; Angie’s list and yelp is a couple of great examples.

Optimize your domain names with geographic terms

There is great value in including a specific location name as part of your domain name, because directory listings are now localized when providing search results. Don’t forget you can have multiple domain names pointing to your website. Instead of cupcakebakery.com add miamicupcakebakery.com.

Always include a picture

People want to know what you look like. By choosing to not include an image with your directory listing, you will most likely be skipped over for the more photogenic competitor.

Shortened description

Don’t forget one of the main points of having a directory listing is to get the potential customer to visit your website. Do not give a lengthy description of your company on a directory page, instead include the vital details that will persuade the client to want more information and visit your website.

List all practice areas

You will not be as easily found on a directory if you fail to include all of your company’s relevant professional services. You must “check” all practices that apply and don’t simply count on your textual description to do this job for you. 

Include video

You already know the old saying; a picture is worth a thousand words. This saying still carries some merit but a more lucrative phrase should be, a video is worth a million words.

Next to actually meeting in person, a video is the best way for your potential customers to see who you are and how you do what you do.

Provide references

Your potential client doesn’t know a thing about you, other than the poetic description and smiling photo you choose to include in your listing. What better way to show that you are worthy of their business than by including email links to your professional references.

Stay current

Nothing says “unreliable” to a potential new customer like having old, outdated information, or broken links. Be sure to update your description information and keep all functions working smoothly