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10 Creative Ways To Say Thank You

A simple thank you has more power than you may think. The benefits of this often over looked gesture can cause a customer to spend more, employees to be more efficient and vendors to pay on time.

This time of year is often associated with giving thanks, so in the spirit of the most thank you inducing holiday of the year, we put our heads together to discuss what we believe to be the most effective and creative ways to thank customers. We hope that you find them helpful during the giving season and throughout the year.

1. Write a handwritten note

We live in a fast paced world where instant gratification is the norm, and communication is only a button click away. Think back to the last time you received a hand written note in the mail. I bet it’s easier to remember the last tangible note you received than to remember the last email you clicked on. A handwritten note will stand out more with customers, especially if you are specific in why you are so thankful for that particular customer, vendor, or employee.

2. Hold a customer appreciation day

Show appreciation to your customers by giving them a special day where they will receive discounts and giveaways. Ideas can include deep discounts in-stores, special promotional discount codes and free shipping online. By making your customer feel appreciated they will more likely choose your business over a competitor.

3. Give a unique gift

To get the attention of your vendors or clients be unique in your gift giving. Make the gift personalized to your region or recipient’s taste. Some examples can be as simple as a personalized mug, pens, or even a golf towel for the sports enthusiast. If you want to get a little more extravagant enroll your loyal customers in a monthly subscription service such as a wine & cheese, snack foods, or plants club that will remind them of your generosity every month.

4. Refer customers

Don’t over look the importance of your B2B clients. Look for any opportunity to refer them to other clients or colleagues and make them an intricate part of your network. If you don’t have clients in mind to refer to your B2B customers, you should also consider showing your appreciation via a link or testimonial on your website, which can also result in new leads for them.

5. Reward your social media followers

Keep in mind that some of your most loyal customers and brand advocates are your online fans. Give a special shout out on social media to your most valued customers and even include social media exclusive discount with coupons or a secret code word.

6. Create a loyalty program

Everyone loves the red carpet treatment; show your loyal customer that they are very special to you by inviting them into a special program that gives them exclusive deals. Take for example the success of Amazon Prime memberships or Zappo’s VIP program.

7. Value customer feedback

Show your customers that you are listening to them when you implemented their suggestion or corrected a problem. This makes customers feel like they can openly communicate with you and is extremely effective in making customers feel appreciated and valued.

8. Give a discount, just because

Everyone likes to feel like they’ve received a special deal, but an unexpected discount surprises and delights customers. An effective way of doing this is by sending a note or email telling them you have taken $25 off of their bill because you appreciate their continued loyalty. You can also implement this in-stores by giving those loyal customers 10% off at the register.

9. Send cards on unique holidays

Everyone expects cards on the big holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Take your customers by surprise and send a special thank you on those less celebrated holidays, such as dress up your pet day, customers service week, or our favorite quirky holiday February 7th eat ice cream for breakfast day.   Your recipient won’t easily forget your random act of thoughtfulness.

10. Give charitable donations

Reach out to your most valued customers and let them know you’d like to make a contribution to their favorite charity in their honor. This gracious act will demonstrate to your clients that what matters to them, matters to you.