Digital Marketing

Show Your Brand’s Personality This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner and every business out there will start competing for attention.  We will see corporate colors switch from everything in the world to the traditional Christmas red and green, pictures of bells and wreaths, and Santa hats and the occasional Rudolph to name a few. This holiday imagery will dominate our field of vision and by the end of December we will probably be numb with the sensory overload and the spirit of shopping.

So how can your company embody the season and stand out from the masses? The first thing I find to be fun and effective is to dress up your logo.

Yes, I mentioned Santa hats earlier and this is a totally valid way to go about it, so long as your logo can “wear” it in style. Any of the expected iconography will do the trick, just be sure that it flows well with your logo. Here are some ways that we’ve dressed up our logo during the holidays.


It’s important to keep your logo recognizable while adding the spirit of whatever holiday. You definitely do not want to lose your company’s identity, so try not going overboard.

As mentioned above, red and green are closely related to Christmas in today’s visual language. Use these colors if you feel your site, blog or social presence needs to reach out to people celebrating it.

Personally I see every major holiday as an excuse to dress up your site, logo etc. and send a tip of the hat to your audience.  It makes things fun, gives your brand personality, and makes your more approachable.

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