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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

digital marketing trends 2016

Digital marketing is ever changing and that was never more prevalent than in 2015. Mobile over took desktop, wearable technology became more mainstream with the first generation Apple watch, and video advertisements were popping up everywhere. Here are five exciting things to look forward to in this dynamic world of digital marketing.

1. Mobile domination

Mobile had an exceptional year in 2015- Mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic, and Google created an algorithm that impacted those who did not meet their mobile optimization standards.

In 2016, mobile will still be making vertical strides by placing an importance on the use of apps. Expect brands to launch even more apps and utilize those apps as a launch pad to build community, loyalty and drive consumer engagement.

2. Wearable technology

In 2015, we saw a 57% increase from 2014 in wearable devices with 39 million U.S. adults 18 and over using wearable technology. This trend will continue to pick up momentum in 2016, and eMarketer expects it to reach 81.7 million by 2018.

This year will introduce smarter cars, shoes, and even smart technology in our bras. The Ai lingerie will track heart rate, breathing rate, and calories burned. The data collected by the bra will be wirelessly shared with a mobile app. The Ai will also have a feature that will measure distance, pace, breathing rhythm and fatigue levels during running workouts.

3. Data Driven Digital Marketing

The science of a successful marketing plan comes from analyzing, collecting and using data about how, when and where consumers spend their time. 2016 promises to offer new opportunities for data-driven marketing.

This year brands will be chasing more demonstrable ROI. Data analysis and analytics will occupy an even more critical role in all digital marketing strategies.

4. Seamless integration of ads

Overtly aggressive marketing tactics will be so 2015. The new trend with ad placement is to be less annoying. Watch for companies to create ads that seamlessly blend, rather than disrupt the browsing experience. You will also notice an increase of customer-centric insights that will drive content and increase social engagement.

5. Social media is a cog

Social media will finally be put in its place as a channel rather than a marketing strategy. Social media is just one part of the big picture, a tactic that does a fantastic job of supporting marketing campaigns, but flounders if left by itself. This distinction will contour budgets and marketing strategies in 2016.