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Law Firm Marketing: 6 Things Your Website Needs for Success

The primary thing that potential clients are looking for when choosing a law firm, according to American Lawyer, is expertise. Therefore, when creating your law firm’s website it’s vital that it conveys a professional look, and that it includes high      Read More

Creative Marketing Ideas for Growing your Small Business

As a small business you generally do not have a huge budget to market your services or products as aggressively as you would wish. Luckily, creativity goes a long way. These 4 ideas will help you not only get your      Read More

Automatic VS Manual PPC Bidding

So, which is better? Like with most things, it depends.  They both have pros and cons and they both work well depending on the situation and the account.  My rule of thumb is, small account = manual, big account =      Read More

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO

How will you improve my search engine rankings? A red flag should go off if a potential SEO will not freely discuss their methods in detail. The SEO should explain what strategies will be used to drive up your website’s      Read More

How to optimize a directory listing

The more the merrier Simply put, the more places you are found the more important the Internet thinks you are.  It is important to have multiple strategic directory listings; Angie’s list and yelp is a couple of great examples. Optimize      Read More

2015 trends for logo and brand design

Some trends for logo and brand design may seem diametrically opposed but one must keep in mind that there are many different avenues of design and many different audiences, not all of which respond the same way to the same      Read More

8 Social Media Trends & Predictions for 2015

1. Mobile payment will become commonplace with the introductions of such offerings as       apple pay and Google wallet. 2. Consumers will gravitate towards brands using social media for transparency. 3. As consumers continue to explore a greater      Read More

The Difference Between Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design

The Internet’s been in “mobile everything” mode for a couple of years now, with total time spent on mobile devices overtaking time spent on desktop and laptop computers this year. But with all of the new and updated mobile products      Read More

Pinterest tips: how to use SEO to optimize your pins

Pinterest is the social network for innovative optimists. Other sites are asking, “what am I doing” and “who am I” while Pinterest is asking, “who do I want to be.” This is a great platform for marketers and if you      Read More

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