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Creative Marketing Ideas for Growing your Small Business

As a small business you generally do not have a huge budget to market your services or products as aggressively as you would wish. Luckily, creativity goes a long way. These 4 ideas will help you not only get your      Read More

How to optimize a directory listing

The more the merrier Simply put, the more places you are found the more important the Internet thinks you are.  It is important to have multiple strategic directory listings; Angie’s list and yelp is a couple of great examples. Optimize      Read More

8 Social Media Trends & Predictions for 2015

1. Mobile payment will become commonplace with the introductions of such offerings as       apple pay and Google wallet. 2. Consumers will gravitate towards brands using social media for transparency. 3. As consumers continue to explore a greater      Read More

Tips For Taking Your Brand Global

It is very exciting to take your business onto the international stage. However, there are many things to consider before this big step to make sure that you are launching globally the right way. There are many mistakes that can be easily overlooked during this process; here are some tips to keep in mind while preparing to take your brand global.      Read More

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