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Google Announces Update to Mobile Search Results

In April of last year, we wrote an article “All About Google’s Mobile Friendly Update,” often referred to as Mobilegeddon, which detailed the historic algorithm update. Briefly, on April 21, 2015 Google started rewarding websites that passed their mobile friendly      Read More

Communicating in Color

When designing a logo, website or any other marketing collateral it’s important to choose your colors wisely. Just like fonts, layouts and pictures convey meanings, so do colors.      Read More

All About Google’s Mobile Friendly Update, Mobilegeddon

So it’s finally here….the biggest Google algorithm update in at least the last three years, though some are arguing it’s the biggest update in the history of Google. What is it all about, and is your website ready? Let’s find out. Starting April 21, 2015 Google will start rewarding websites that pass their mobile friendliness test with a dramatic boost in rankings when someone is searching from a smartphone. Google has said that the update will apply to mobile search results and that it will affect all languages, worldwide. Google later went on to say that the change will have a bigger impact than their Panda and Penguin updates, which means that more than 11% of websites could be affected.      Read More

The Difference Between Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design

The Internet’s been in “mobile everything” mode for a couple of years now, with total time spent on mobile devices overtaking time spent on desktop and laptop computers this year. But with all of the new and updated mobile products      Read More

How to Make an Awesome Infographic!

Just like baking a cake, the first thing you need is the idea; next come the ingredients, and then last of course the presentation.      Read More