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How to Make an Awesome Infographic!

Just like baking a cake, the first thing you need is the idea; next come the ingredients, and then last of course the presentation.

This is the most basic component. If the data is weak, then your cake will be a dry sponge that your clients will choke on. Not only do you want your data to be rigorously processed and organized (and verified) but you also want it laid out in the right order to make a narrative. Yes, your cake should tell a story. Some trusted places to find data include quality research outlets like the government, influential NGO’s, research organizations in your industry, peer reviewed journals and trade associations.

The Narrative

The same data can be presented in a boring, hard to read, difficult to process way (like a long winded mathematical equation with more symbols than numbers), or it can be presented in such a manner that the viewer absorbs the information quickly and without much effort (like a pie chart). The latter is what you are aiming for.

Rather than just designing things to be attractive, you should break them down into what they mean and translate them into visual representations that your viewer understands.

The Presentation

Ok, so you have the right data translated into images that tell a story that at a glance the viewer absorbs. Now, the question is why on earth would a viewer even glance at your infographic? This is where the frosting comes into play. If you make it too thick it takes away from the cake; but, if you make it just right the cake looks awesome and inviting without messing with the cake’s deliciousness.

If all of these elements are combined correctly, the result should be one that not only catches one’s eye and relays information in a moment, but also compels the viewer to share it!  I mean really, who wants a cake all to him or herself? The whole point of the cake is to share it 🙂

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