Digital Marketing

Creative Marketing Ideas for Growing your Small Business

As a small business you generally do not have a huge budget to market your services or products as aggressively as you would wish. Luckily, creativity goes a long way. These 4 ideas will help you not only get your small business in front of a new audience, they will also help you retain and engage the important customers you already have.

Make the most of your website

Your website is a powerful marketing tool, that should be able to deliver value above and beyond simply promoting your business. Your website, if being used to its full potential should offer real content and serve as a resource for your industry. One significant step toward improving your website should be a frequently updated blog that not only offers information about your business but noteworthy industry news.

Additionally, include a clear call to action on all content. For example, if the most important action you want visitors to take on your website is calling your business, then your phone number should be prominent and easy to see at all times. Or, if you’re focusing on growing social media or email distribution lists, they should be clearly visible. And don’t forget to keep up with current trends and make your website mobile enabled. If you fail to keep up with trends you risk being overlooked.

Reach Out

Make sure your business is enabled for review and check-in services like Yelp and Foursquare. Being active on these types of review sites even when the review isn’t positive will demonstrate responsiveness, show a more personable side to your brand and indicate that you are committed to customer service.

Be Social

Social media is a very important tool that will not only promote your small business but also help to establish your brand’s personality. Most small businesses have a Facebook or Twitter account but sometime fail to see the incredible value in Pinterest and Instagram to reach new customers and further demonstrate your creativity. Social media is an excellent way to offer exclusive perks, such as discounts and giveaways. It is also a great tool to show a personal side to your marketing.

Think Local

If you are a brick and mortar business, discover ways you can connect with your neighbors and collaborate with non-competitor local businesses to cross-promote your services. Participating in local events will help you get to know your customers so that you can meet the direct needs of your community. It will also demonstrate a real commitment to making your business an integral part of your neighborhood.